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Creativ is a beautiful responsive resize to fit the size or your browser or screen. The Creativ is absolutely future proof! Looks great on high-pixel density devices!

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Good Graphic Design is critical to ensure maximum impact!

A logo is your trademark and is much more than just a visual graphic to represent and identify your business. Consider the powerful brands represented by their time-less logo’s which encapsulate the very essence of their brands. Right down to your association of their product or services and their company personality; their logos create a certain sense of value and quality when you think about it or see it.
Truly, this is a key element of the overall Corporate Identity and therefore a representation of your company's unique qualities, values and unique character. Far beyond the visual, the entire construction of this symbol and the logo design process is aimed to create an association to the brand, product and/or service. Therefore the correct positioning and accurate creation of such a key identification mark is what distinguishes one brand from another; and one business from another.
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